Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Know People's Password for Facebook, Using Chrome.

1- First, open Google Chrome. If you don't have that browser, it can be
downloaded for free.

2-Go to your Facebook account, but don't log in ! Mouse over the password
box and right click.

3-Search for the option "inspect element" . Once you have found that option,
click it.

4-Something should pop up at the bottom of your screen. In the html box
located on the right, search for "password_Code"
Change the "Code for Text"

5-If these steps are completed properly, your password should stop appear
like "********". If not, go back and see what you might have done wrong!

Make a funny virus.

This is a totally harmless prank virus to pull on a
friend or someone.

1-open notepad.

2- Type the following code in : {{{1}}} This will create a never ending stream of
mindless code. This cannot be stopped easily.

3-Save the file as "virus .bat"

4-have fun.

        Comment if any problem.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hack windows xp/vista password in 5 minutes.

Follow these simple few steps to change the password of
windows xp and vista without original password.

1-open the pc and note down the name of account which is
   password protected,then restart .
2-After the bios screen,repeatedly press f8,then it take you to  a
    screen where you have a option to start your pc in
    `safe mode` ,start in safe mode, after it boots up then you have a account name
      asministrator open it.
3-now  press (window key+ r),then type cmd and press cmd is opened.
4-now type in cmd -net user account name password- here account name is the name
   of account you want to hack and password is ,what you want the password.

thats it...
note- this method is not working in windows 7.for windows 7 .i have another method.
comment if any doubt.
                         by- Gaurav singh.